Depilation with wax paste or Egyptian depilation is one of the oldest methods of removing unwanted hair.

This method of depilation is suitable for people with sensitive skin because it does not cause redness and irritation. In addition, Egyptian depilation is also recommended for depilation of sensitive skin on the face and groin, and for people with varicose veins, psoriasis or eczema.

Egyptian depilation is considered one of the most effective and painless methods of depilation. Namely, the špeanut paste sticks only to the hairs, not to the skin,šwhich makes the treatment less painful.

At the same time, dead skin cells are gently removed, which is why it remains silky and smooth for a long time.




DEPILATION (sugar wax)
Upper lip waxing 500 RSD
Armpit waxing 800 RSD
Arm waxing 1.600 RSD
Half leg waxing 1.700 RSD
Bikini waxing 1.300 RSD
Brazilian 2.000 RSD
Leg waxing 1 2.300 RSD
Leg waxing 2
2.700 RSD
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