What is a massage?

Massage therapy is one of the oldest and simplest treatments.

Its name is derived from the Arabic word "Massa", which translates as - Touch. Touch is the essence and basis of any massage. Touch represents a connection, a relationship with what is beyond us. Touch is essential for a human being because it provides safety, warmth, pleasure, comfort and restores vitality. During massage, the receptors on the skin and subcutaneous tissue are stimulated as an effect of mechanical action, but also through the indirect influence, or reflex pathways, it affects the awakening of the entire system.



Kids massage (30min) 1.800 RSD
Partial massage (30min) 2.500 RSD
Relax massage (45min/60min) 2.500 RSD / 3.000 RSD
Massage therapy (45min/60min) 3.000 RSD / 3.500 RSD
Massage for pregnant women(45min/60min) 2.000 RSD / 2.800 RSD
Antistress massage (75min) 3.500 RSD
Sports massage (45min/60min) 3.300 RSD / 4.000 RSD
Cellulite VIB (75min) 4.000 RSD
Volcanic rocks (60min) 3.500 RSD
Candle massage (60min) 3.500 RSD
Lymphatic drainage (60min/75min) 2.500 RSD / 3.200 RSD
Anticellulite (45min) 2.400 RSD
Vacuslim (60min) 2.800 RSD
Couple massage (60min) 5.800 RSD
Massage with Cocoa butter (60min) 3.500 RSD
DiLine massage (90min) 6.500 RSD
Diline refresh (60min) 2.000 RSD
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