Glow Solution by IONTO-COMED is a treatment method that instantly creates tighter and brighter skin - without unwanted side effects. Instantly achieves visible and lasting results in four powerful treatment steps.

Glow Solution is a top-of-the-line device with effective infusion solution technology for skin care.
The treatment takes place in four steps with the application of four integrated programs, each of which can be individually controlled. For each step, an individual infusion of solutions containing high-quality active ingredients is used for immediate effects of improving skin tone, firmness and appearance.

Results of Glow Solution treatment:

  • • fresh, radiant complexion
  • • immediate and immediately visible lifting effects
  • • reduction of wrinkles
  • • firmer and smoother skin
  • • reduction of pigmented spots, uniformity of skin color
  • • intensive hydration and tissue nutrition with deep application of high concentrations of active ingredients
  • • treatment of all three layers of the skin from the epidermis to the subcutaneous tissue
  • • SMAS micromassage
  • • stimulation of fibroblast synthesis
  • • accelerating blood circulation and cell metabolism


HydraGlow by DiLine Beauty - 15.000 RSD
1 treatment with the Glow Solution device and 1 deep hydration treatment

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