CLASSICAL MANICURE - is a cosmetic treatment that involves nail plate shaping, trimming and nail polishing, exfoliation, light massage, beautification and varnishing.

PARAFFIN GLOVES - is a treatment that nourishes the skin of the hands and is also great for pain in the palm of the hand. Paraffin is primarily used in physical therapy and is enriched with essential oils in cosmetic care, giving the skin a unique feel.

SPA TREATMENT HAND - Well-groomed hands have always been a refined look. SPA hand treatment includes a special type of massage, exfoliation, with sea salt and essential oils, after which you will enjoy a relaxing massage that stimulates acupuncture points, which relaxes the entire body. A rich, nourishing hand mask, enriched with additional aromatic scents, will color your senses and make your skin velvety tender. 

NAIL POLISH - is another way of expressing the aesthetic experience of almost every woman. Classic nail polish, french, thumbnails, zircons or sequins - the choice is yours. We are here to suggest, in relation to the occasion or clothing style, the choice of color or possible color combination with the highest quality OPI varnishes.

NAIL EXTENSION - is a technique of extending the nail plate with tips and gels. This technique also excels at extending nails affected by biting damage.

NAIL ART - is a technique of extending a nail plate using the template and gel, where the final result mimics a real nail.

STRENGTHENING NATURAL NAILS - is intended for weak or brittle nails, for people who desire a natural look and length of their nails.

GEL FRENCH - This famous white line at the end of the nail represents the most commonly requested method of gel nail polish. French has become a classic, and you can't go wrong with it!

GEL LAKE - The pace of life doesn't leave us much room for frequent varnishing and impeccable nail look. Gel Lacquer makes the perfect combination of our favorite color as well as strong and firm nails. A wide range of colors satisfies all tastes of the clients and allows for a perfect combination. You will have your favorite varnish color, without fear of peeling or falling off, lasting all the while before your next arrival.





- zircons and dots 50 RSD
- lines, ombre in color 100 RSD
- picture book, nail painting 200 RSD
Correction of one nail 200 RSD
Paraffin hand treatment
1.700 RSD
2.200 RSD
Manicure + OPI
2.600 RSD
Manicure + gel polish
3.100 RSD
Manicure + gel
3.500 RSD
Gel correction 1: 3.100 RSD
2: 3.500 RSD
3: 3.900 RSD
4: 4.200 RSD
Nail extension
1: 3.700 RSD
2: 4.000 RSD
3: 4.400 RSD
4: 4.700 RSD
Nail enhancement
1: 3.900 RSD
2: 4.200 RSD
3: 4.600 RSD
4: 5.000 RSD
DiLine spa manicure
5.500 RSD
Gel removal
1.000 RSD
5.800 RSD
*1 - to the fingerprint, 2 - 0,5 cm over the fingerprint, 3 - 1cm, 4 - over 1 cm
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