Small, big, light or heavy - they serve the body our whole lifetime. 28 bones connected by ligaments, tendons and muscles.


The foot is one of the most stressed parts of the body, very often exposed to a variety of adverse effects: tight footwear, prolonged standing, high heels, poor care etc.



Change from spring to winter footwear and vice versa, due to weather fluctuations, is one big change for the feet because as they lose their moisture, they become dry. The skin becomes rough, thickened and cracks are formed. To keep our feet healthy, they need to be properly treated.


How to prepare the foot?


It is certainly recommended, not only in the spring, but throughout the year, even on these cold days, that the feet are regularly nurtured and maintained by a professional pedicurist, as it is a guarantee of beautiful, healthy and well-groomed feet.


What is a professional pedicure?


It is a cosmetic treatment for foot care and, depending on the wishes and needs of the client, there are several types of pedicure:

1. Classic pedicure is a cosmetic treatment for a healthy foot, which treats the foot regularly maintained in the salon, removes any thickened skin, treats the skin around the nails, pre-soaking in a warm bath, light massage, beautification and varnishing.

2. Spa pedicure is a relaxing foot care and care for tired legs, it includes a special type of foot massage, scrubs, nourishing masks, and people can simply relax and rest all the while.


Choosing a type of pedicure certainly depends on the wishes of the user, but on the expert advice of our pedicures as well.




Paraffin feet treatment 1.700 RSD
Classic pedicure
2.200 RSD
Classic pedicure + OPI
2.600 RSD
Classic pedicure + gel polish
3.100 RSD
Classic pedicure + gel
3.500 RSD
DiLine spa pedicure
5.500 RSD
Queen treatment
Manicure and pedicure gel polish 8.300 RSD
Collagen spa pedicure
4.300 RSD
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